Pick Up Your Socks

Let’s talk about resolutions and self-improvement. Some will tell you they don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, they aren’t good for you. Ok, but why?

One idea is you are setting yourself up for failure. That’s depressing. Why try? You’ll only fail.

Another opinion is you shouldn’t reserve self-betterment for only one time of the year. Self-improvement should be an on-going thing, all year long. Fair enough. But that sounds kind of exhausting.

I say go for it, pick a resolution. But don’t go big. Look for something small.

Really small. Micro.

As I get older I find happiness in the in-between moments, in the goofy imperfections of life. It’s these insignificant, almost invisible things that add up.

Instead of sweeping proclamations of diet, exercise, going back to college and so on, look inward for the things you didn’t even realize were bothering you, or that one thing you wish you did.

Once you do that, you’ll be able to fInd a good habit to start, or a bad habit to break.

Most of the habits we need to break involve procrastination. Sound familiar? Stop letting the garbage grow into a sentient monster, take that thing out. Don’t put off getting that hair cut. You know you aren’t happy when you’re fuzzy. Make your bed in the morning. It makes your whole room look nicer, doesn’t it?

Maybe there’s a tradition you’ve always wanted to start, like putting a note in your kid’s lunch. Or what about buying your wife a bouquet of flowers once a week?

Whatever it is, keep it silly, make it sweet. The small, unexpected places are where we find happiness.

Me? I’m going to pick up my socks.


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